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What is Biomagnetism?

Biomagnetism is an internationally practiced therapeutic health approach to wellness and is perfectly compatible with all other traditional or alternative medicines.  The goal of Biomagnetism is to attain “homeostasis", the bio-energetic balance in the human body through the use of “pairs”.   

The therapy itself involves the precise and proper (North/South polarity) placement of magnets or “pairs” over very specific areas of the body that help support regulation of pH in the affected areas.  By maintaining adequate pH, homeostasis may be reestablished and the body can heal itself.     

The Biomagnetic Pair, (BMP) was discovered by medical doctor Isaac Goiz in Mexico City, Mexico in 1988.  Dr. Goiz discovered that it is possible to recover healthy metabolic states through the application of BMP to specific parts of the body which complement each other, leading to homeostasis and restoring the proper pH to the affected area; and when present, pathogens cannot survive in this pH environment.  As a result, cells become healthy and the body starts healing itself.    

Benefits of Biomagnetism

Biomagnetic therapy stimulates normal immune system function, increased circulation and oxygenation, normalizing response to inflammation and many more positive effects on our bodies. 

It is believed that pH imbalances ultimately accumulate and combine to allow the development of symptoms, syndromes and other health conditions in our bodies.  Biomagnetism/Biomagnetic Therapy, has shown to help with these diseases, conditions and disorders:

 *Allergies * Anemia * Asthma * Sinusitis * Lyme disease * Acne * Psoriasis * Migraines * HIV * Aids * Arrhythmia * Diabetes * Flu * Chronic Fatigue * Herpes * Fibromyalgia * Alzheimer’s * Carpul Tunnel * Chronic Pain * Sciatica * Gastritis * Reflux * Ulcerative colitis * Crohn’s disease * Cancer * Back Pain * Arthritis * Rheumatism * Varicose Veins * Poor Circulation * Digestive Disorders * Pulmonary Disorders * Skin Disorders * Fungus * Parasites * PMS * Menopause and PMS Symptoms * Glandular Dysfunctions * Adrenal Fatigue * Stress * Heartburn * Parkinson’s * High Cholesterol * Impotency * Hepatitis * Sexual disorders * Infertility * Low Libido * Meningitis * Tendonitis * Tennis Elbow * pH Unbalance * Ulcers * Depression * Anxiety * Emotional Issues * Autism * Attention Deficit Disorder * Energetic Unbalances * and many others….  

Your Biomagnetic Therapist

My name is Jesus Velarde and in 1999, my life as I knew it changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with "Epilepsy".  The diagnosis impacted my personal and professional life. The first prescribed medication to manage the 20+  “episodes” I was having each day was debilitating and I wasn’t myself anymore.  To make matters worse, I experienced a great negative reaction to it and ended up in the hospital.    

In 2009, after years of exploring various types of homeopathic remedies, traditional Chinese medicine and chiropractic therapy to find a natural cure to my Epilepsy I was referred to an acclaimed acupuncturist in Baja California, Mexico.  As I waited to be seen, I struck up a casual conversation with another patient waiting. I didn’t know it then, but that conversation about a therapy called Biomagnetism would change my life again, except this time, for the better. 

For 10 years, I struggled thinking I had “Epilepsy” and one week later in the Biomagnetic therapist office in Tijuana, Mexico I was told I did not have Epilepsy but rather a parasite in my brain which was affecting me neurologically. I came back to California and scheduled a week-long study with Kaiser Permanente undergoing several brain tests and MRI scans which all failed to detect any parasite. I went back to the Biomagnetic therapist and had a total of three BMP sessions and I never again experienced another Epileptic episode.  

One year later, I decided I wanted to bring Biomagnetism to Southern California and I went to Mexico and  studied under Dr. Goiz the founding father of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. I received my Level 1 certification and then I went on to receive my Level 2  Biomagnetic Therapist certification both through the University of Chapingo, Mexico;  plus, other various healing therapies certifications through the years. 

In the 7 years I have been practicing, I have had the opportunity to heal thousands of people from all areas of California and various states using Biomagnetic Therapy, and it’s truly been an honor restoring their health and giving them back the quality of life they deserve. If you are living with pain or illness I invite you to come and explore the healing power of Biomagnetism.  


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